We believe in the future of St John's College 

and are determined that our boys should have prosperous futures

The Foundation is committed to making a difference and we're here to give back. We make things happen through the generosity of our alumni, parent community and the wider Waikato Catholic community. We receive donations, grants and bequests, as well as drive specific fundraising campaigns to get things done. As a Foundation, we have robust and ambitious financial goals. You'll see us forging connections, encouraging engagement and we will inspire you to get involved too.  We offer a secure financial vehicle to receive donations that can be applied as the donor wishes.

The Foundation is a registered NZ charity and donations are eligible for a tax rebate. 


Our Initiatives

Securing the Future 

Playing for Keeps, Blue and Gold Supporters, Scholarships, Endowment Fund. There are a range of ways you can help us support a prosperous future for our young men!

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Our People

Meet Our Trustees

"I like to grow things and leave things better than what they were." - Dave Kilbride (Chairman)

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Our Contributions

Making a Difference 

"It's been a good day when I know I've done good things - I've made people's lives better." - Shane Tong (Principal) 

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The St John's College Foundation is working on initiatives and a funding framework to propel the College forward as a leading Catholic College in New Zealand. 

We are building a Capital Endowment Fund to create a sustainable base so that St John's College can deliver a first class education experience for generations to come.  The Foundation drives the Old Boy's Association, which also extends to parents and friends of the College. The connections and friendships forged through our time at St John's College are too valuable to lose.  Stay in touch with us and keep one eye on the happenings and successes of St John's College by registering here. We call this friend-raising – reconnecting people with our College community in social ways, and keeping our alumni and College community up to date with what's happening at St John's.