Allen Doone Dux Cup
Thursday, 18 February 2021
A taonga has been returned to St John's College for safekeeping. The Allen Doone Cup for Dux of Marist School was first presented in 1923 to D. O'Sullivan, and it served as the Dux Cup for St John's College up to 1969 when Dominic Firkin was top scholar.

Huge thanks to Mr Paul Barnett who found this Cup and tells  a wee bit of its history here, with acknowledgements to our restoration helpers:
In 2009 the Alan Doone Cup was given a polish up for the celebrations of 125 years of Catholic Education in Hamilton East and then it disappeared for a while.

It was found as per the photographs shown in approximately 2013 and a new base was made by James Mecchia, a parishioner of The Cathedral Parish and ex Pupil of Marist High School.  James entered Marist in 1952.  This was probably one of James’ last little jobs before he passed away.

The cup itself dates back to 1923 and has been polished and engraved may times.  It would not stand commercial remedial restoration.

George McLellan, proprietor of Advanced Chrome Platers, carried out the repairs and although expensive were much cheaper than they could have been.  George advised the only way to panel beat the cup was to do it by hand.  He was intrigued by the cup and its history and offered to take it home and hand shape the cup while watching cricket at no cost for the work at home.

It was quite a long process but today the cup looks great considering its age.

It is now returned to St John’s College for safe keeping.