Tj Peterson, Class of 2022
Monday, 25 September 2023
It's always great when Old Boys stay in touch and share their updates. This message is from Tj who started at Lincoln University on a Basketball Scholarship -  his promotional poster found a place of pride at Student Services!

My name is Tj Peterson, an ex-St John’s College student (class of 2022).  I was offered a sport scholarship for Basketball at Christchurch's Lincoln University, where I am studying a degree in Sport and Recreation Management, while also getting to play the game I love.  

Being a part of the overall Lincoln sporting programme has evolved my game exceptionally.  Everything behind each athlete’s performance is treated very professionally, with the S&C coaches, the nutritionists, the physiotherapists and the mind coaches.  Being around other elite athletes in other sports who are also striving to be a better athlete makes you feel different from an ordinary university student.  

Being able to play the sport you love and also excel in the educational field at Lincoln University is very balanced and offers amazing opportunities for student athletes to showcase their talents to professional teams, and to be able to live out their athletic careers.  

For the younger generation of student athletes who are currently at St John’s, it is important to strive for your goals and to work hard in both education and your sport, as both can get you very far.  

"Also, always be yourself because, at the end of the day, it’s you vs you, and the only person who can make changes is yourself."