Damien Peers, class of 2019
Monday, March 6
We recently caught up with Damien Peers, class of 2019.

After leaving St John’s in 2019, Damien successfully completed a Diploma in Science at the University of Waikato - right next to his former high school.

Formally diagnosed with autism in Y12, Damien had to overcome a couple of extra hurdles to achieve this. His journey through tertiary education and the support he received along the way was captured in an article for Altogether Autism.

So what has Damien been up to since completing his diploma? He’s enjoyed working as a lab technician, in a team testing honey. His work involved following safety procedures to avoid contamination and ultimately, to ensure the honey is safe to consume. And with practical lab experience under his belt, he’s now looking forward to the next challenge.

We wish him all the very best!